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1) Work from Home 50% of the Time
   (& wear shorts 100% of the Time)

Our people don't need micromanagers or business suits to be productive. They kick ass equally from their living room couch or from our downtown Boston office. Save time, stress, gas and the environment and work from home 50% of the time - no pants required!



2) Annoying Job Security

We have 95% job retention and can boast of 5 employees who have left and come back for another 3+ years (and counting) and only 1 unfortunate round of layoffs in 17+years. We're completely self-funded and not looking to sell our babies to some vampires in 3 piece suits, so we'll only hire you if we expect your job to last for years and years.

If you're looking for a home to hang your hat, a home that won't get vaporized by a Meteor of Stupidity or a Death Ray of Corporate Ego overnight, we've got a place for you.


3) The Kegerator, "Sir Merchant" and the ... uh ... Toilet Bowl.

Work HARD, Play HARD?
Boooooring ...

We're more like:

We try to be cool, but it always ends up a bit silly. Our B.M.G. (Beer Management Group) keeps our Kegerator filled, our resident knight "Sir Merchant" defends our kingdom from seriousness and our Fantasy Football Commish keeps our last place "Toilet Bowl" trophy ... um, filled (with a plant!)

4) Work with Nice, Smart, Successful People

One of the nice things about owning our own company is that we don't have to work with jerks ... or fools ... or losers.

We believe that good people get better around good people ... and bad people should go work for the competition.

5) You'll Get REALLY Good at What You Do.

We won't lie - this is a tough job. We've been #1 in our industry for over a decade and our clients expect us to live up that reputation every day.

So some days are a bitch and some days we get beat up. But every day we get better ... and so will you.


6) 2 Million+ People Use Our Stuff

Don't look now, but that thing you're working on? It matters to a lot of people ... MILLIONS of people.

So be proud ... but don't get too cocky.


7) Good Ideas Rule ... Job Titles Drool

So there we are in the conference room: owners, senior managers, our best and brightest ... and the F.N.K. (F****in New Kid) basically says we're all damn idiots and need to get into the 21st century.

His idea transforms our business in two months and that F.N.K. is now the B.M.O.C.



8) The Inno-Vacation

Google's got their 70/20/10 policy ... but it didn't work for us because our people's work ethic made it impossible for them to make time for their personal projects.

So now everyone gets an "Inno-Vacation" every year - a week when they're banished from the office and get to pursue some project they've been dying to work on - no red tape, no naysayers.


9) You Can Be Yourself (Unless You Suck)

We've accepted all kinds:

Straight, Gay, Transsexual.
Ex-musicians, Ex-military, Ex-strippers.
Red Sox fans, Red Sox fans, and non-Yankee fans.


10) Boring but Awesome: 100% Healthcare and Dental Care

We cover 100% of your healthcare and dental premiums. Like most companies, we could have gone the sneaky route of making you pay 50% and artificially pump up your salary (or worse, tempt you forego our healthcare plan and save ourselves thousands every year).

But inevitably SOMEONE skis into a tree, gets some stupid disease, has a baby, etc ... and the company that doesn't take care of their people suddenly finds that their people can't take care of it.

We even cover 50% of your deductibles, contribute 3-3.5% into your 401k (whether you put anything in or not), and provide short & long term disability, AD&D and term life.


11) People Stick Around

We've got a 95% retention rate.

Half of our 30+ person staff has been here for more than 6 years.

Several people even came BACK to work for us after leaving us for lamer companies.

We must be doing something right (or we accidentally created a cult)!

12) The COMPANY is the goal

People often ask me what I would do if I sold the company for mega-millions.

I tell them I'd take a little of that money and build a small technology company made up of a bunch of smart, creative & fun people who love crushing my stupid ideas as much as they love turning my good ideas (and their good ideas) into cool stuff that people REALLY use. Why sell something that is already what you want ... and might never be able to build again?

Even though we've built many impressive things, I'm most proud of the actual company that we've built here: the way we work, the way we treat each other and the way we're always trying to make our products and ourselves into a better company.

Note: all of the following positions are eligible for our Employee Referral Program: