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Surfmerchants has developed a line of core technologies or "products" that can be customized and quickly deployed on customer web sites.


SASSIE is the world's premiere mystery shopping system, integrating scheduling, survey collection, reporting and shopper payment into a 100% online program.

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PRESTO is our new suite of mobile market research tools for mobile customer satisfaction, audits, exit interviews and our upcoming "Insta-Jobs".

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DemoZilla provides the gold standard solution for the in-store demonstration industry. It is the all-in-one software that you need to successfully run your demonstration business.

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ATHENA is our customized mystery shopping system. By using SASSIE technologies as a foundation, we can build a powerful, customized system for your company in a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch.

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With Strider SASSIE shops can be filled out offline on a laptop or PDA (like a Palm Pilot) and uploaded later into your system. No Internet connectivity is needed to fill out the survey.

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VocaZilla brings the ability to personally conduct phone surveys in-house. While filling out a shop online, your shopper can be prompted to conduct a phone survey — Vocazilla records the call as your shopper fills in the online form. Because the form is online, and Vocazilla will do the direct dialing, your shoppers can be anywhere and call anywhere. Any shopper can become a phone surveyor.

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Please contact us for more details on any of our core products!